The strength of a team, the knowledge of our experts, a guarantee of quality for our customers.

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Founded in 1975, Clermont is a leader in its field. We rely on the know-how of our employees and their great skills to provide our customers with achievements that surpass the competition. Our company relies on the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our strength is based on a team of more than 175 specialized employees. We own our own fleet of trucks and a full range of first-line equipment: forklift trucks, cranes, hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, trailers and Merlo.

Our range of products includes residential, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial coatings for roofs, exterior and interior walls, as well as soffits, moldings, decorative covering or special products according to your needs.


For more than 40 years, Clermont Ltée has been an entrepreneur, specialized in exterior cladding, manufacturer and installer in building envelopes. It specializes mainly in exterior wall cladding in aluminum, zinc, steel, cement board, wood coating, Prodema, Corten, vinyl, wood, Maybec, Canexel, Harrywood, etc.

In addition, we are an industry leader in steel roofing, steel walls, steel shingles, prefabricated panels, solar walls and sandwich walls. Our expertise has served several types of clients in several sectors: residential, multi-residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, and civil (hydroelectric, military, water purification).

This clientele is varied and comes from all corners of the province of Quebec and Ontario. We are located approximately 20 minutes from Montreal in the Châteauguay industrial park. Clermont, just a stone’s throw from Autoroute 30, also benefits from their well-equipped factory and mobile manufacturing facilities, which give us complete autonomy for the execution of our work.