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Clermont Ltée also specializes in institutional buildings. Several large-scale projects have been carried out across Québec such as: CHUM (research center, pavilion A1 and B1), Sacré-Coeur Hospital of Montreal, Concordia University of Montreal, Université de Sherbrooke in Longueuil, the CLSC de Beloeil, the Urgel Bourgie funeral center in Lachine, Dawson College, the CESM soccer center, the St-Laurent sports complex, the Belvedere funeral center in Senneville, the Estacades de Trois -Rivières, the circus school of Verdun, the pavilion of dental medicine of the university of Laval and several others.

Clermont Ltée is proud to have counted among those who helped to grow these magnificent projects and to have contributed to their success.