The strength of a team, the knowledge of our experts, a guarantee of quality for our customers.

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Clermont Ltée is constantly evolving for you.

“An idea, a passion to move forward.”

Research and development, creation of new products.


Clermont Ltd. follows you and listens to you.


Life is changing and technology is changing, in all areas. The needs change and the techniques specialize constantly, we too. Clermont Ltée is a company that was built on the idea that looking back did not advance. It is your needs that push Clermont Ltée to move forward.


Clermont Ltd. has just acquired, in 2013 and 2015, new equipment worth more than  $350,000 in order to continue to meet the growing demands of its customers. Clermont Ltd. is constantly growing research and development to be able to offer all the products necessary to the needs of its clientele. For example, in 2013, at your request, we created a brand new ventilated steel soffit product.